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  1. Hello,

    we (SY DickeBank GER 6791) are thinking about participating in Y-Toren Race 2019 in ORC 2/3. In 2018 we participated in the Markermeer at the Almere&Flevorace. The waterplanten were a serious topic here and according to the organizers, the reason why significantly fewer boats are participating. The regatta courses will be the same as the Almere&Flevorace? Therefore, I ask you how you currently assess the situation with the water plants.

    Regards Wolfgang Doczyck

  2. Hello Wolfgang,

    As the ‘waterplanten’ only start growing in the course of May we are not suffering the waterplant problem.
    So the Ytoren-race is in fact the only race which can asue a waterplanten free race during the season.
    You are more the welcome to participate!

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